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Holistic & Naturopathic Doctor

Seek to improve all aspects of your life,
not only what’s bothering you now.

Dr. Johnson emphasizes natural, plant-based herbal preparations as an alternative to conventional methods, and she approaches each person from a unique holistic perspective.

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We assess lifestyle habits, dietary choices, and triggers that contribute to your imbalance. Our services include nutritional consultations, homeopathic medicine, herbal and botanical preparations, stress reduction techniques, detoxification programs, and other natural approaches. We also promote and suggest our clients to practice ecotherapy for their full-body restorative effects.

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Natural medicines are effective substances from nature that support your body’s healing process.


Nutritional medicine focuses on replenishing your body’s nutrients and minerals to help it function properly.


Meeting with your doctor when you’re healthy helps you stay that way.


Homeopathic medicine builds upon our bodies’ complex self-healing mechanisms.

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Ecotherapy is the practice of spending time in nature for its therapeutic benefits.


Poppi Z

Informative and knowledgeable – Dr. Johnson is good at breaking down large amounts of data into simple relatable terms.

AnaEstela Rodriguez

I was very happy with the atmosphere of the office, the staff was very nice and helpful, and was able to learn many aspects of health I did not know. The doctor explain everything to me with words I could understand and gave me lots of tips to improve my health and wellbeing

Susan Boehm

Dr. Johnson and her staff are amazing. I felt very comfortable and every question was answered. The appointment was extremely informative and I am excited to be on a new health journey.

eliza asher

I’ve been a patient for a little over a year now. The BEST healthcare choice I have ever made. I am in the best health I have been in my entire life and every day I get stronger, wiser about my health care choices. I have taken her professional advice and used it to help me understand the messages my body has been communicating and I have a happy place with balance. Balance should be the objective not perfection.

Destini Jordan

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I visited Dr. Johnson after 6 weeks of sheer misery. I’m hopeful with her insight and care she will lead me in the right direction. She is caring, professional, knowledgeable  and listens. I’m excited to be encouraged after being so disappointed by medical doctors.

willie frost

Great customer service. Dr. Johnson took the time to listen to my concerns , and made a plan to help me get my body back in line. One of the only doctors that actually listens. I have gone to another doctor that thought the symptoms that I had were in my head but Dr.Johnson broke it down and understood my needs.

Lacria Green

Everyone needs to experience a naturopathic doctor. Being free of medicine and pain is the ultimate health life goal. Having the scan was life changing and put me in the mindset that I’m not as healthy as I thought but having Dr. Johnson to educate me on my health is invaluable. She is so patient, kind and professional. I will keep her as my only health care provider. I’m so glad to have found her.

Jacquie Andrews

Best Doctor visit experience I have ever had! The doctor (and nurse) were very thorough, respectful, professional, and knowledgeable. I felt like the doctor really cared and spent over an hour with me.