Meet Dr. Johnson,
a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Borislava Johnson is the primary board-certified naturopathic doctor at Natural Remedes. She uses holistic and integrative medicine to help the people of the Houston area, Texas restore health in a natural and synergistic way.

Naturopathy is a unique practice of providing personalized herbal plans that focus on the whole person. That includes your body, mind, and soul. Dr. Johnson utilizes plant-based preparations that offer a natural alternative to conventional treatments. 

Dr. Johnson and others at Natural Remedes understand that we are all different, which is why we don’t just hand out prescriptions to mask your symptoms. Instead, we focus on assessing your everyday habits, eating patterns, activity, stress, and other triggers that may disrupt your well-being.

Dr. Johnson can help you with mood disorders, depression, colds, diabetes, allergies, skin issues, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic conditions. In addition, she offers professional consultations to people looking to lead healthier and more balanced lives.

Dr. Johnson specializes in herbal and botanical preparations, nutritional consultations, detoxification programs, homeopathic medicine, stress reduction techniques, ecotherapy, and other natural herbal plan approaches. 

If you are interested in getting holistic and integrative medicine services in Cypress and Northwest Houston, Texas, Dr. Johnson can help. Just click the online scheduler button on top of the page or call 832-588-8863 to schedule an appointment.

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